Cheap health insurance: tips for finding it

Tips for finding cheap health insurance

There would be fewer problems if you could find a job which included a health plan as a part of the pay package. But if you cannot find a helpful employer, how do you find affordable cover. This is made more necessary because of the current recession which seems unwilling to disappear, and made more complicated because no one is wholly confident about what will happen to the Affordable Care Act. So we have to approach this with realistic expectations. This is not just a question of shopping around. Although sites like this can introduce you to reliable health insurance companies, you still have to find the affordable policies on offer and then show you qualify. Remember, all insurance companies make their money by taking in the premiums and paying out as little as possible. This means everyone is looking for ways of cutting the cost of health care.

With prices for drugs and the many forms of treatment continuing to rise, premium rates inevitably rise. Add in the fact we are all living longer and so will need more health care during our lives, particularly long-term care when we are older. Now you have some decisions to make. You are the person best placed to decide your needs given your own and your family's medical history. You also know your budget. Now begin talking with the health insurance companies. Make a list of the diseases and disorders you can include in a policy without it costing you a fortune. When you analyze the completed list, it will be a guide on whether the health plans on offer are good value for money. One option is to limit the cover to the most serious conditions and pick up the cost of the minor problems. This is a gamble depending on the out-of-pocket costs for the more routine treatments. As it stands, insurers can reject you for preexisting conditions so, if this is going to affect you, it may be better to wait and see what happens to the Affordable Care Act. If it survives the Supreme Court, you cannot be denied cover on preexisting conditions after 2014.

Finally, if the cost of a full health insurance plan is too high, you could consider short-term insurance as a safety net until your family income can include the premium on a full plan.

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